Jennie Stevens MPP, St. Catharines

Government of Ontario


Petition for Increased Support and Solutions for Home Heating Affordability.

Please reach out to my office directly to provide me with your feedback - [email protected].

The increases in Enbridge heating bills to heat homes is deeply concerning about the escalating costs and affordability. In recent times, our community has faced significant challenges in managing these costs, which have become a substantial burden for many, especially during the colder months. The situation threatens not only our financial stability but also our health and well-being.

Add your voice to make energy and utility programs a priority in Ontario:

1. Enhanced Financial Assistance Programs: Expansion of existing financial aid programs to cover a broader spectrum of the population affected by high heating costs. This includes increasing the funding available and easing the qualification criteria for assistance.

2. Energy Efficiency Improvements: Implementation of programs aimed at improving the energy efficiency of homes, particularly those in low-income areas. This can involve subsidies or grants for insulation, window replacements, and the installation of energy-efficient heating systems.

3. Regulatory Measures: Introduction of regulations to cap the maximum rate increases that utility companies can apply to essential heating services. This will protect consumers from sudden and unmanageable spikes in their bills.

4. Renewable Energy Incentives: Encouragement of the use of renewable energy sources through incentives for both individuals and communities. This could include tax rebates for installing solar panels or wind turbines, which can provide sustainable and more affordable heating options.

Will you sign?