Jennie Stevens MPP, St. Catharines

Government of Ontario

ODSP and Ontario Works

Call or visit your local Ontario Works office for information regarding Ontario Works & Ontario Disability Support Program. At the beginning of the application process, you will receive information about the Ontario Disability Support Program/Ontario Works. You will also be told which information and documents may be needed to complete the application process. You will need:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Health Card Number
  • Proof of Identity and Date of Birth
  • Employment History/Information
  • Income and Asset Statements
  • Shelter Costs
  • Status in Canada and Dependent Information

The application process is completed in person at your local ODSP/Ontario Works office. You will be required to complete and sign all necessary forms, including the application for assistance, and a participation agreement outlining the specific employment activities you may participate in. You will also need to provide any required information and documents.

If the process with Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program is not working in a way that meets your needs, you can reach out to my office so we can advocate to find the best possible solution for you.