Jennie Stevens MPP, St. Catharines

Government of Ontario

Which level of government can help me?

Who do I talk to?

There are so many elected officials, but which one can help me with my issue?

In St. Catharines, you are served by four levels of government: Municipal, Regional, Provincial, and Federal

City of St. Catharines


The City handles issues concerning:

  • Property taxes
  • By-laws & enforcement
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Snow removal
  • Road/sidewalk maintenance
  • Parking
  • Applications, Licenses, Permits (building permits, business licenses, liquor licenses, marriage licenses, signs etc.)

Contact Mayor Mat Siscoe

Address: 50 Church St., St. Catharines, ON

Phone: (905) 688 - 5600

Email: [email protected]



Niagara Region


The Region handles issues concerning:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Public Transit
  • Public Health
  • Business & Development
  • Waste Management

Contact Regional Chair Jim Bradley

Address: 1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way, Thorold, ON

Phone: (905) 980 - 6000



Government of Ontario


The Province handles issues concerning:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Natural Resources
  • Official Documents (birth/death/marriage certificates, driver's licenses, health card)
  • Welfare (ODSP, OW)

Contact MPP Jennie Stevens

Address: 209 Carlton St., Unit B, St. Catharines, ON

Phone: (905) 935 - 0018

Email: [email protected]



Government of Canada


The Federal Government handles issues concerning:

  • Income Tax (CRA)
  • Ontario Trillium Benefit
  • Pensions (CPP, GIS, OAS)
  • Unemployment Insurance (EI)
  • Criminal law/matters
  • Immigration (visa's, work permits, passports)
  • Indigenous Affairs

Contact MP Chris Bittle

Address: 61 Geneva St., Unit 1, St. Catharines, ON

Phone: (905) 934 - 6767

Email: [email protected]